QML Image in a ListView

  • Hi,

    I'm facing a problem since many days, without finding a solution.

    I have a full-parent-anchored ListView, with a QML Image as delegate, as big as the listview. The ListView is not interactive, and the model is just a simple stringlist filled with all the image filenames found in a path. I have a toolbar on top, where I can go forward and backward (i.e. I increment/decrement the currentIndex).

    What happens is that, sometimes, when I move fw/back, the image does not appear. If I move fw/back one index and then I return to the fault image, the image appears. The behavior is totally random.

    I've logged everything (filename, image status), but everything seems fine. With Qt simulator, it doesn't happen, but this issue is present on my C7 (running Qt 4.7.4).

    I really don't know where the problem could be. Do you have any idea?


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