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How to localize qdbusviewer?

  • I just created a ts&qm file and move them to "translations" folder,it didnt't apply,any solution?

  • Hello, did you added these translations to your .pro file and translation files to your qrc? How did you translate ts files and how did you release qm files? Please be more specific, so others can understand and help you :D

  • I wanted to translate Qt qdbusviewer, this is what I did:
    cd /home/kate/Downloads/qt-everywhere-src-5.13.0/qttools/src/qdbus
    lupdate -ts qdbus_zh_TW.ts
    After I translated all strings, did:
    lrelease qdbus_zh_TW.ts
    sudo mv qdbus_zh_TW.qm /usr/share/qt/translations

  • @katelam said in How to localize qdbusviewer?:


    As @closx suggested, you need to make the .pro file aware of new translations.

    1. From source code tree add a new folder translations
    2. update file with:
    TRANSLATIONS += $$PWD/translations/qdbusviewer_zh_TW.ts
    1. Extract the translatable strings (the ones inside a tr() method call...). This step will create (or update later) the file(s) to translate (i.e. qdbusviewer_zh_TW.ts)
    1. Using Qt Linguist translate the file(s)
    2. Create the .qm files (binary representation of .ts files)
    1. Use the translations. You need to change qdbusviewer to upload/install the proper .qm file (i.e. change main.cpp to do that)

    I'm just referering to qdbusviewer folder since qdbus has no tr() method calls at all

  • Thanks, pablo-j-rogina. I know how to generate ts and qm files, but I don't know how to make Qt qdbusviewer use my translations. It didn't apply my translation. I went to see "About Qt", I found Qt qdbusviewer also didn't apply translations I ever made in qtbase_zh_TW.ts at all. Qt assistant,designer and linguist doesn't have these problems and works with my translations very well.

  • @katelam Glad you know how to make the translation files. It looks like you're missing how to use them. Tip: re-read the suggested steps...

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