Various DPI and QtQuick Designer

  • Hi,

    I develop an application on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows and i managed to handle various non integer DPI without glitches.
    I do it by specifying every sizes in iPad Retina resolution (264dpi) and a javascript function like this :

    function dp(value)
    return Math.ceil(value * (currentDPI / 264))

    Rectangle {
    width: dp(200)

    It works realy great but i can't use the QtQuick Designer because it can't handle javascript function (Functions are not supported in a Qt Quick UI form. (M222))

    I know there is the QT_SCALE_FACTOR to do that but it create glitches with non integer scale factor because it doesn't round each value to align them on whole pixel.

    I must have missed something. Qt is meant to do cross platform, so there must be a good way to do this.

    Thank you.

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