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App crashes on debug mode when using qt virtual keyboard on win10(1809, 17763.593), Qt5.12.4

  • Develop Environment:
    OS: Windows 10 1809(17763.593)
    Qt: 5.12.4

    Hi, everyone, I have installed Qt 5.12.4 on my computer, then I try to run the virtual keyboard example:

    It's ok to run without debugging:

    But when I want to start debugging, it will crashes when the app have the focus by clicking it, and debug page change to this:

    Actually, It's OK before 15 May on Qt 5.8, Qt 5.10, but one day, it crashes when I run my app. I code a test app, a mainwindow with a lineedit

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    //    qputenv("QT_IM_MODULE", QByteArray("qtvirtualkeyboard"));          //keyboard
        QApplication a(argc, argv);
        MainWindow w;;
        return a.exec();

    It's OK to debug when comment out keyboad, but it will crash when uncomment it.

    By the way, I find that it can be started when choose mingw 32-bit show as following:


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