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Qt 4.7 Speed

  • I read about the increase of speed of the new version of Qt, but i was not surprising...becouse in every 'context' a new version is sold more quickly than the old.

    But today i have compile my old program (qt 4.6.3) with new 4.7 and O.O surprising! The new version have an incredible speed up than the 4.6.3!!! Very great job people!!!

    When i mean 'increase of speed' i mean increase of speed visible at men's eyes (not increase of speed of code, in this case i believe it ^^ )

    In my example i use some QSpinBox to fill run-time a table...and in qt 4.6.3 if i hold the up key the table is refresh every T moment, in the qt 4.7 the refresh is every T/2 moment!!!


  • That is great to hear! Thanks for the compliment. :)

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