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Qt gfx plugin

  • Hi,

    I have QtWebkit working on ARM platform. I have two plugins in -QT- Qt, one for Graphics ( QScreenDriverPlugin) another for Keyboard.
    For graphics driver, I took the sample driver from one of the example and have written it.

    My graphics plugin implements getting pointer to an OSD Surface, blitting to on-screen memory etc. I find that when ever qtwebkit based browser tries to load webpage , internally it creates a QImage, and then puts all the data into it and then finally the object is passed on to plugin for copying into the surface.

    In the above scenario, I would like to use the back-screen memory (Another Surface) instead of normal "Malloc-ed" QImage memory. This helps in speeding up things. The back-screen memory can be obtained from plugin (Which currently qtwebkit is not calling).
    My knowledge in -QT- Qt is very limited. So any one have any ideas on how it can be achieved, please let me know.


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