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Multimedia, Windows 7, static libraries

  • I've been developing an app on Win7, and I want to deploy it as a single executable, so I built static libraries for Qt, and have been using them successfully. However, I just added some simple audio input. It works fine in Qt Creator, which of course doesn't use the static libraries, but when I build the standalone version, it all links correctly, and then complains at runtime about a missing WinRT DLL. WinRT is a Windows 8 and later technology, and this DLL doesn't exist in Win7.

    The fact that it runs in Qt Creator proves that it is possible to do these functions on Win7 without the WinRT DLL, so I figure it must be a configuration problem in my static libraries. What am I missing from my configure command line, when I build Qt?

  • I ran "configure -list-features" and didn't see anything referencing "multimedia", "audio", or "sound".

    I tried "configure -list-libraries", and even though I'm running "configure.bat" under Windows, I see lots of Linux stuff--nothing specifically Windows audio related under "multimedia".

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