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Anybody ever seen widgets partially displaying? Like the widget is torn?

  • We have some legacy code:
    Qt 5.5.0
    Ubuntu 14.04
    gcc 32 bit

    Widget looks like it has a section ripped out:
    0_1560980279432_qml shear 01.png
    0_1560980293274_qml shear 02.png
    0_1560980305610_qml shear 03.png

    It should look solid without showing the widgets behind it, more like this:
    0_1560980338310_qml no tearing.png

    The qml item/widget that is displaying this is webkit. Its an embedded webpage showing some html code. One solid widget. So it makes no sense why it would have a missing section like that. What is weird is that it even has a shadow that it is casting on the under widget. Its like qml thinks there should be a gap there.

    The big problem is that it is very difficult to reproduce. The guy that showed me couldn't get it to do it. I tried and got it to do it once. Most of the time it works okay. We also are not seeing any definitive error messages on the console. We have used this code before and never seen this problem.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? I don't know if its a driver or a QML thing, or something else.

  • Thinking about this all day. It seems like a quad didn't get rendered or sent to the opengl. Memory error?

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