Cutetube-QML in N950

  • Hi, just want to share with you that you can compile a use cutetube-qml from N900 in N950, it has some problems, but it's a great application (is there any other youtube client for harmattan as of now?)

    the UI it's not optimized for harmattan and there's a problem with the VKB (it always shows the vkb if the hardware keyboard it's closed), anyway in order to use it you need to compile the source (yeah that one in the maemo repository, I love community open source software!)

    Here's the link:

    you can open the project inside QtCreator and compile it for harmattan..

    I modified the sources to include an icon and a launcher in the menu (you won't get this just by compiling original source), so if you want you can use this installer:


    Known problems:

    • VKB always on if HKB is closed (so this can't be used in an N9 without modifications)
    • Can't download videos or audio (I added qDebug() calls to see the problem and it doesn't have write permissions, I don't know if this has something to do with aegis or not, I'm looking into it)
    • Screen goes off while watching a video

    Hope to hear from the author of qmltube (you did a great job!) and if you have a comment I would be glad to hear it!

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