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Boot2Qt screen resolution issues on Toradex Apalis iMX6

  • I've set up a Boot2Qt system on a Toradex Apalis iMX6 using QtCreator. When I load up my Qt program the resolution is completely off, it only shows the top left corner and stretches the graphics lengthwise. I'm using a 1366x768 capacitive touch screen display and my Qt program uses a number of graphics that are positioned and sized for a 1366x768 screen. It's set up using a QML front end with a C++ back end. When built and run on my host machine (Ubuntu 16.04 with a 1366x768 display) everything looks exactly how it should.

    Using QGuiApplication::primaryScreen() it seems Qt think the screen resolution is 640x480. Regardless of which screen I connect that doesn’t seem to change, different resolution screens just change how the graphics are stretched but it still shows the same top left quarter of my GUI. I've also tried setting full screen on/off and changing the main window size, none of which seems to have any effect.

    From the board side of things Toradex guides have you change environment variables in Uboot to set screen size, which I've done and verified that they are saved to the correct values, but still no change.

    Interestingly enough when I build I get:
    Which is the correct screen resolution, though from my understanding resolution not what physical hight and width are supposed to represent.

    Any ideas on how I can get my Qt program to display in the correct resolution?

  • What version of Qt5?
    Are you using X11, Wayland or EGLFS?
    Can you attach the output of the cat /proc/cmdline command here?
    And a picture of the problem on the display.

    Cleiton Bueno

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