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Windows source build - no ActiveQt

  • Hi,

    I built a static version of. 5.12.0 on windows, from source, and ActiveQt was not available.

    I then followed the instructions in the ActiveQt doc for building static libraries. This gave me axserver and container but not AxBase.

    (I also tried copying AxBase from src/qtactiveqt/lib but these give me unreferenced symbol errors.)

    Are there any further instructions for getting ActiveQt in a windows build please.

    Cheers, Huw

  • To clarify, I understood from looking into deployment options in Windows 10 that having a static version of Qt was a good option. This was after reading the website, wiki, etc, and trying the dependency walker. After I have already spent a long time on this I am reluctant to now change to using shared libraries to distribute my app in Windows 10.

    Cheers, Huw

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