error while executing my .exe , dll file missed

  • Hello guys, i make an app using Qt creator and now i wantto run it from qDebug --> MyApp.exe (whithout opening Qt creator framework ) but it say that 4 .dll are missed(Qt5Netword.dll , Qt5Guid.dll ,Qt5Widgets.dll and Qt5Serialportd.dll ) i saw a video in youtube and i follow the instructions (download this 4 dll from ) and copy/paste them in c:/windows:/SysWOW64 but i have always same problems , someone can help me ? thanks

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    @Zunneh First some clarification: Qt is a C++ framework, QtCreator is an IDE not a framework, so you open your app in QtCreator not Qt.
    If you want to run your app outside of QtCreator you need to deploy it, see:

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