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Run two qml file in the same python program

  • Im trying to open a main.qml file and open after a button is clickled a new qml window.

  • Look into multi-threaded programs either that or use a dockwidget

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    @Denni said in Run two qml file in the same python program:

    Look into multi-threaded programs

    How is the question related to multithreading? You can't even use GUI/Qml stuff in different threads - this is not supported in Qt. All UI related stuff needs to be in the main (GUI) thread.

  • Okay still fairly new to pyqt5 and thus my answer was based more on general programming knowledge -- multi-threading would allow the opening of multiple instances (and thus multiple windows) if that was part of the issue (which is not clearly defined at this point) and I also stated "or use a dockwidget" as that is an easy means of opening additional windows within the mainwindow if that is the only issue (again the actual issue is not clearly defined - so I was trying to cover both possible angles I could see within the statement that was made).

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