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Load images the qml file that are constantlz changing

  • Im doing some calculations and plot some graphs to show the results. The problem is that after the input of the user these images could change.

    I want to show the new graphs inside the qml file. How can I show inside my GUI these images if they are always different?

  • You would either have to create an event handler to reload the image whenever it is changed if you have a way of knowing this or you would have to create a timer function that goes out and checks to see if the image has changed and reloads it if it has the balance here is you want to check frequently enough to catch the changes close to when they are happening but not to frequently that they slow things down significantly. Note I am assuming that these images are files if they internal objects then the former should suffice while the latter might not be possible.

  • @Denni How can I create a timer function?

  • This should help http://bfy.tw/O8lV

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