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Resize QScrollArea to fit content

  • Hello!

    I got a QWidget inside a QScrollArea (see below)

    @void Ui_Manager::setupUi(QWidget *manager)
    QScrollArea *scrollArea = new QScrollArea();

    During Runtime i add several other Widgets to the Manager and move them into free space available inside the Manager-Widget:

    @void addWidgets(QWidget *ptr, QPoint pos)

    So it may happen, that the added Widgets were moved outside of the visible region of the Manager when there is not enough space available - thats the point where i hoped for the ScrollArea to take control and give me some nice ScrollBars to access the "hidden" Widgets. But it won't show me any ScrollBars and i don't have any idea why or how to change this.
    This problem bothers me for a while now and i hope for someone here to give me a little hint :)


  • Addition:

    Just tried to add a Layout to the Manager and added the widgets to the Layout which made the Scrollbar work like a charm. But i can't use a Layout bcs I'm using drag&drop to move the added Widgets and using a Layout would overwrite positions of the widgets when the Manager-Window is resized.
    This makes me even more confused :/

    Someone help me fix this please!

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