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  • Hello everyone,

    I have a chessboard and I would like to display an arrow between squares after clicking 2 points. Any idea on how to do that ? (I am a beginner...).
    Do I do that in an additional layer like in a frame ?
    Thanks for your help!

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    @Lelorrain I don't know how you're implementing the board. If you use QWidgets you could put a QLabel on the board with the arrow, just make other parts of the image (except the arrow) transparent.

  • If you supply the code or at least a working snippet of the code I am sure I or someone can help you figure that out, however, if you are locked into using the Designer then I wish you luck. ;)

    However as a software designer, I would strongly suggest that you learn how to code what you are doing without using that designer-tool. I have looked at the code that thing spits out and while functionally correct its very ugly stuff to look at which makes it harder to understand how to make modifications to it to get it do things you would like it to do. Now using it as a tool to get you started is fairly viable but once you get into it you will see just how easy it is to do.

    Personally, I am fairly new to pyqt5 myself, I found the code creation process to be extremely easy and straight forward and my biggest problem thus far has been figuring out how to do the simpler things -- like changing header fonts and styles and other things that I thought ought to be simple to do based on other GUI languages I have dealt with in the past.

    So again I would suggest tearing into the designer code and fully understanding what you currently have -- clean it up -- and then rely on the normal code to adjust what you need adjusted. You just might surprise yourself and see just how to do that.

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