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PyQt related query

  • Hi,
    Can anyone please help me in this.
    I have one application using PyQt in linux.In this we have to display HELP section(which is divided into two parts left side contains the links to be open (abc.xml) and right side display content written in this xml.Similiarly others xml’s on left and info on the right.
    I am thinking of doing this in HTMl but i want want clarification
    Right now i have this thing in my mind:
    if (cmd==‘Exit’):
    QtGui.QDesktopServices.openUrl(QtCore.QUrl(‘location of .htm’)) through this I will open my HTML page and write the further piece of code in this .htm.Is it correct to do so or any other way of doing this activity in Pyqt??

    Please suggest the way forward to this in both ways

    Thanks & Regards,

  • Is your question how to display the help area or how you should go about implementing the help system? If it is the latter and while I am not familiar with PyQt, Qt itself does have a help system you can use, look "here":http://doc.qt.nokia.com/stable/qthelp-framework.html to get started.

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