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Media Player Example no sound on b2qt QT 5.12.3 image RPI3

  • Hi I'm trying to run the example provided with the Qt called "Media Player Example" on the RPI3 but the sound is not coming out of the 3,5 jack ( I'm only trying to play mp3 the amplitude indicators are showing changes so I think it should be playing and
    I guess the sound card is configured correctly because I get the sound from the mpg123 player.
    Am I missing something?
    I found that pulseaudio package is not included in the build, is it necessary to play audio?
    Note the image is custom built but with default settings.

    I've just found myself an USB headset and it also is not working with Qt, I made it to be the default device via /etc/asound.conf
    and still situation is the same it plays mp3 via mpg123 but not QMediaPlayer

  • Ok It seems that I got it working, the culprit was the pulseaudio, actually the fact that it was missing from the default build
    With the help of the following topic "Yocto + Qt5 + Alsa + RaspberryPi + USB Audio" I was able to finally hear the sound out of the 3,5mm jack.
    For posterity in short modify the local.conf with the following (perhaps this is an overkill but this settings do actually work):

    DISTRO_FEATURES_append = " pulseaudio dbus systemd "
    IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " avahi-daemon pulseaudio pulseaudio-server pulseaudio-misc pulseaudio-module-dbus-protocol alsa-utils "
    PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtmultimedia = " pulseaudio "
    PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-pulseaudio = " systemd "

    note avahi-daemon is added so you can (in short) reach the board via its /etc/hostname

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