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Text mode installer

  • I build server (headless) apps in C++ and am looking for a good universal installer (most major Linux distros - don't care about other OS's).

    The key is that my clients run servers in text mode (3) - so anything GUI based in a non-starter. I've watched Qt videos on the installer frameworks and read the docs, but can't find mention of a text mode.

    Is it possible to use the installer framework to create text based (ncurses would be nice) installers?

  • Hi ocgltd,

    yes it is possible to run the Qt Installer-Framework based installer purely from command line, without UI/Windowing system.
    @joaijala, @kamartti, could you give an example?

  • Hi,
    Qt Installer Framework is mostly designed to be used with gui, you can install with it without user interactions but requires scripting and knowing in advance what components you are about to install as you cannot list with IFW what components there are available. Here is an example how to do a headless installation: Nothing ncurses like though and not all are so happy with the current headless solutions as you can read from

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