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how to pass a model to playlist qml type?

  • I'm trying to implement a music player using Playlist type but didn't know how to pass my model to it, it's a c++ model that contains the URL's of my music:

    static QStringList pathList;
    int main(int argc, char *argv[]){
    QDirIterator it("E:/", QStringList() << "*.mp3", QDir::Files, QDirIterator::Subdirectories);
            while (it.hasNext()){
                qDebug() <<;
        QQmlContext *ctxt1 = engine.rootContext();
        ctxt1->setContextProperty("pathModel", QVariant::fromValue(pathList)); //used model pathmodel

    and my playlist code on the qml side:

                    width: page.width
                    height: page.height
                    Audio {
                           id: player;
                           playlist: Playlist {
                               id: playlist
                               PlaylistItem { source: "song1.ogg"; } //I want this process to be automated instead of doing it manually
                               PlaylistItem { source: "song2.ogg"; }
                               PlaylistItem { source: "song3.ogg"; }
                       ListView {
                           model: playlist;
                           delegate: Text {
                               font.pixelSize: 16;
                               text: source;
                       MouseArea {
                           anchors.fill: parent;
                           onPressed: {
                               if (player.playbackState != Audio.PlayingState) {
                               } else {

    I tried using App list view type but I only managed to play/pause a song on click and couldn't implement functions like autoplay next when a song finishes or stop the current one when another song is selected.