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Building Qt Libraries ( optimization breaks circle drawing )

  • While building Qt Libraries

    in qt-everywhere-src-5.11.2 building
    os windows 7
    c++ tool: Visual Studio 2019
    optimization: -O2

    Optimization -O2 in module QtGui breaks drawing of circles, sectors and everything connected to this.
    If replace -O2 to -O1 then everything works fine.

    I have tested even on qt-everywhere-src-5.13.2 - works wrong

  • Basically, my question is not "why it's happened" by hoц to set option -O1 in one Qt module ( in QtGUI ) legally.
    Now i have to hack way

    I need to build all qtbase-everywhere-src-5.11.2 library as is, than correct QtGui/makefile.Release with replacing all -O2 to -O1
    for QtGui
    make clean
    make install

    It's too long way to success :)

    Any ideas ???

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