Cannot find demos and examples after install

  • I downloaded QT SDK 1.1.3 and installed (Windows). I then run QT Creator which opens with Welcome screen. I click on Building and Running an Example Application which asks me to check the "Show Examples and Demos" box (which I did) and then search for Toys: Clocks. But when I do that nothing comes up.

    I then read the tutorial for getting started and it says to open the start menu, open Qt SDK and look for Demos and Applications but there is no entry.

    Did I install the wrong application? Or did I not choose somewhere to install the demos and applications? If so, how do I get the QtDemo program to run so I can look at the demos and examples?

  • I install qt-win-opensource-4.7.4-vs2008 on windows Xp and it works fine. I have Assistant, Designer, Examples and Demos, Linguist there. And I also install qt visual studio adding.

  • I have this same issue, did you resolve yours?

  • Under Start->All Programs->Qt SDK, click and start up the "Maintain Qt SDK" utility. Choose the "Package Manager" button, click "Next". This will bring up "Select Components", which will show a expanding tree-view for the components you can pick from. Since you want demos and examples, select Qt SDK->Miscellaneous->Qt Examples, and the rest will be fine.

    That part of the Package Manager utility works for the demos, examples.

    Still wish it work for all of the other components. <sigh>

    Good luck.

  • I had the same problem. I got the examples working by selecting Tools->Options->Build&Run->Qt Versions and then setting the Qt version to where Qt's qmake.exe is located.

    I am using Qt 4.8.1 and QtCreator 2.5.81. This may be different. I built it ground up from source.

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