GetOpenFileName() crashes the app under Irix 6.5

  • We develop an in-hour app with Qt for deployment to multiple platforms. The app works fine under Windows, Linux. Unfortunately under Irix 6.5 (MIPSpro 7.4.2m), the app crashes whenever the file open dialog (via getOpenFilename() function) is opened. We find the culprit may be that there are too many files and directories (2000 or so) under certain directory, and the app crashes when this directory is nagivated to. We originally use Qt 4.3.0 and later try 4.5.0 but this issue remains.
    I know Irix is no long supported but MIPSpro 7.4.2m is. Is there anyone there experienced this same problem and has a workround? Thanks.

  • To narrow down the scope of the bug. We tried a simple example program called mainwindow from chapter 3 of the book "C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4" by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield. The issue still exists. So this might be a Qt bug.

  • In that case it would be helpful if you opened an issue in the "public bug tracker": Please leave a note with the issue I'd here.

  • Thanks, I've created an issue report in bug tracker dashboard. The number is QTBUG-22012.

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