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Stopping Windows Tablet Soft Keyboard Popup

  • Hi, I am currently having an issue on a windows tablet running qt 5.12.0. Whenever a lineedit is touched and selected within the application, we have a custom keyboard displayed. However, Windows will also popup the native soft system keyboard.

    I have looked through the forum and am unable to find anything concerning this topic. So far I have tried changing qApp->setAutoSipEnabled to false, filtered away all RequestSoftwareInputPanel events, yet the windows keyboard will still show.

    Looking for any suggestions to fixing this problem.

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    HI and welcome to devnet,

    Can you update your Qt version ? The 5.12 series is at 5.12.3 currently.

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    I have updated to version 5.12.3 and am still having the same issue. I have replicated the issue on a few different PC's now. The computer must be in Windows tablet mode and not have a keyboard. Seems to happen shortly after a MouseReleaseEvent on anything text related (QLineEdit, QTextbox, ect)

    I am fairly certain this was not an issue in the past, but not sure if it is a result of a Windows update or introduced in a new version of Qt.

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    Then another you can do is check with an older version of Qt. They are available through the online installer so you can more easily check that.

  • Ok, this problem does not seem to exist in qt 5.11.0 so it seems likely something was introduced in a later version that causes the problem.

  • Ok, so it seems as though the issue was introduced in Qt 5.11.2. Looking through the change logs I cannot find anything that looks specifically related to it. Unfortunately, we do need to use a specialized keyboard for this application and the soft keyboard gets in the way. Unless there is some workaround, will be forced to downgrade to 5.11.1 it seems...

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    Thanks for the research. You should check the bug report system to see if this is something known. If not, please open a new report providing the information you found. A minimal compilable example going with it would be great.

  • Ok I have created a bug report which can be tracked here. Thanks for the assistance!

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