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emacskeys on OSX

  • Hi everybody,

    I use emacskeys on linux at work, and am able to pass the key sequence "Ctrl-x, Ctrl-s" to save.

    At home, on OSX, however, it seems that the key combination is ignored, and only the "Ctrl-s" is captured.

    Similarly, the "Ctrl-x, b" key sequence is ignored.

    I feel like I am missing something obvious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @krome Hi and welcome!
    Is the emacskeys plug-in activated on your machine at home?
    And what QtCreator version do you use?

  • @jsulm Yep emacskeys is activated. I've set this up a couple of times on Linux, but OSX seems to be confusing it.

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