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Searching in directories

  • i have a big problem here and i really need help....i have a megastorage of 6TB where there is some folders and subfolders that include files...and i need to make an application that search in this directory for the files ...the user could search using date and using names also every file has a creator name...the searcher could use this name to search for all the files by the creator...also the user could specify two dates and the app should show him all the files between this two i need some method to set informations to all files so i could specify the creator also how could i search in directory and subdirectories using date of creation or the information that i made for the file??...i know its very big project but i need to know the methods i can use =) thx

  • Try look to [[Doc:QFileInfo]] class.
    Also I recommend you look to [[Doc:QDirModel]] and [[Doc:QFileSystemModel]] classes.

  • Hi,

    You should look at "QDir".

    And try try try many things.
    But I'm sure, you will find everything in this class.

    Good luck.


  • [quote author="Vass" date="1318337511"]Try look to [[Doc:QFileInfo]] class.
    Also I recommend you look to [[Doc:QDirModel]] and [[Doc:QFileSystemModel]] classes.[/quote]

    Oh... I've posted mine without refreshing :/

    You can use both. Qdir to list, QFileInfo to get the... File info ;)

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