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Cookie is not set for all the calls which are initiated from inside of a jsp call.

  • I am making a call to a jsp file using QWebEngine. In that I am passing my Session Id which goes correctly.
    And I am setting the Cookie in the cookie store using a QWebEngineProfile. The cookie gets set for my first call but then it is not been set for other calls which are initiated from the jsp.

    *QWebEngineSettings webEngineSettings = QWebEngineSettings::defaultSettings(); webEngineSettings>setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute::AutoLoadImages, true); webEngineSettings>setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute::JavascriptEnabled, true);
    webEngineSettings>setAttribute(QWebEngineSettings::WebAttribute::LocalStorageEnabled, true);

    QWebEngineProfile* profile = new QWebEngineProfile("abc", parent);
    QWebEngineCookieStore* cookieStore = profile->cookieStore();
    QNetworkCookie* webEngineNewCookie = new NetworkCookie(QByteArray("MyCookie"), QByteArray("1234"));
    QUrl url = ""
    cookieStore->setCookie(*webEngineNewCookie, QUrl(url));
    QStringList location = QStandardPaths::standardLocations(QStandardPaths::CacheLocation);

    QWebEnginePage* page = new QWebEnginePage(profile,parent);

    QWebEngineHttpRequest* webEngineHttpReq = new QWebEngineHttpRequest(QUrl(url), QWebEngineHttpRequest::Post);

    When I make this call then I do get the cookie in this ( but after this another calls are initiated from help.jsp those call does not have may cookies so they are blocked by the server.

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