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The program has unexpectedly finished?

  • Hello,
    i'm using Qt creator and Qt 5.12.3 on windows with VS2017 as compiler.
    i have a project that include some libraries that i wrote and one executable. also i'm using 3rd party libraries.

    i get the following error: (in the "application output" window)

    The program has unexpectedly finished.

    i re-qmake and rebuild my solution (which rebuild the libraries and executable). i did it in debug mode.
    and the crash happen on the start.

    when i try to set a breakpoint at the first line of the main function, i get the red circle with sandbox on it.

    i get no other information why it crashed and what can i do about it.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Remove your dependencies one by one to see which library causes the problem.

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