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How to keep focus in TextField when reparenting?

  • How can I get my TextField to keep its focus when I reparent it? Using Qt 5.12.2.

  • Hi @Vadi2 , you can use forecActiveFocus() i guess.

    Here is the sample code based on what i have understood,just copy paste the code and check once whether this is what you need:-

     Rectangle {
            width: 500; height: 500
            color: "transparent"
            border.color: "red"
            TextField {
                id: txtField
                placeholderText: qsTr("Enter Your Name")
                width: 100
                x: blueRect.width
                states: State {
                    name: "reparented"
                    ParentChange { target: txtField; parent: redRect;x:0;y:20}
            Rectangle {
                id: redRect
                width: 100; height: 100
                color: "red"
                anchors.centerIn: parent
            //####Click on this rectangle to reparent the textfield
            Rectangle {
                id: blueRect
                width: 50; height: 50
                color: "blue"
                MouseArea {
                    anchors.fill: parent;
                    onClicked: {
                        txtField.state = "reparented"

    In this sample code, there is a blue rectangle if you click on it, the TextField will get reparented to a red rectangle and the focus moves to the TextField and you can type in it.

  • I played around with forceActiveFocus() - the difficulty I had is that my reparenting change happens on a when condition:

    states: [
        State {
            name: "MINIMAL"; when: !dotnet.resourceText
            ParentChange {
                target: textArea
                parent: loadResourcesRow
                width: 300
                height: undefined
        State {
            name: "EXPANDED"; when: dotnet.resourceText
            ParentChange {
                target: textArea
                parent: addResourceScrollView
                x: 0; y: 0
                width: addResourcesPage.width
                height: addResourcesPage.height
    state: "MINIMAL"
    transitions: Transition {
        ParentAnimation {
            NumberAnimation { properties: "x,y,width,height";  easing.type: Easing.InCubic; duration: 600 }

    In this case it's not possible to call forceActiveFocus() easily, is there?

  • Hi @Vadi2 , ohh okay.

    From your code what i quickly see is the width of the TextField is different in both the states, so is it possible for you to use the "onWidthChanged" signal.

    onWidthChanged: {
                    console.log("On Width Changed")

    Else you can do one more thing, you can use a string and assign it the state of the TextField and after that you can use the onChanged signal.

    property string tempState: txtField.state
                onTempStateChanged: {
                    console.log("State Changed",tempState)

  • Thanks, a combination of:

    // ensure focus remains when the area is reparented
    onWidthChanged: textArea.forceActiveFocus()
    // it doesn't have focus on startup
    Component.onCompleted: textArea.focus = false


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