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Auto-Renewable Subscription for iOS/Android.

  • Hello all!

    I am trying to solve issue that is requiring me the Auto-Renewable Subscription for Qt application that will OK on both platforms. I've been doing it on pure XCode application for iOS (it's not so difficult how it might be looking), here the links that is explaining perfectly how to do it on Swift/Objective-C:

    There are two types of Auto-Renewable Subscription handling: on-device and via application server. For reducing developing time I am trying to use on-device subscription handling and receipt validation. The difficulty of server validation depend on server technology that is used for it (I am not going to do it right now, but if I will - will do it on Erlang, because got huge experience in it, but it's not the matter of this topic). Important notice - do not forget to use Sandbox for testing iOS application that is defined by App Certificate, one for Sandbox another one for Production.

    The questions about subscription is:

    • Is there anyone who has REAL WORLD experience of implementing Auto-Renewable Subscription for Qt application for both platforms (not only Android or only iOS)?
    • Is there anyone who has REAL WORLD experience of implementing it via Qt Purchasing? What I found in this forum it's only about Android and "hacks" and default example of Qt Purchasing. In case of "hacks" of Qt Purchasing how about community license? What should I do if I am going to change sources of Qt Purchasing?
    • Is the Qt Purchasing well fitted for on-device or application server subscription handling? All that I found barely provide information about this details of using Qt for it.
    • What if I am going to use not only iOS/Android? What if I am going to use Microsoft store subscriptions?

    If I'll be gotten fail with Qt Purchasing I think there are only way to write own module, something like Qt Subscription (why separately of Qt Purchasing - it's only my own opinion, because what I found is that in every store handling subscription a little outside of goods purchasing in some cases using few different frameworks, especially if using server side subscription handling). In case of starting developing own module the use case and questionary might be changed:

    • If I am going to developing own module for Qt within ability to use it like QT += subscription - Where to start? Is there real world example of writing it out within manual? I am not enough experienced in Qt need more info about it.
    • Is there anyone who has an REAL WORLD (not in mode "I've read about it internet") experience in implementing it on Android who might be available for experience exchanging? I've got real experience in iOS but not for Android?

  • About server side solution found this article AUTO-RENEWING SUBSCRIPTIONS IN IOS AND ANDROID - might be useful ...

  • Here the detailed example of Obj-C in-app realisation https://ase.in.tum.de/lehrstuhl_1/teaching/tutorials/511-sgd-ws13-tutorial-store-kit It's might be transformed into Obj-C++ and used in Qt for subscription. BTW - it's what I am doing right now ...

  • https://pinkstone.co.uk/toc/ - very good block with examples of iOS/Objective-C developing

  • For now there are most of modern solutions for subscription written on Swift. I haven't found elegant solution for using Swift it Qt. Does anybody know it? The global tendency is using Swift instead of Objective-C. I haven't found the same solution like Objective-CPP.

  • I've published example of subscription handling written on Swift (i's from one of my projects). It's not full featured but it's showing of how it works. Before building it in XCode define Subscription Product in iTunes Connect. Soon after I am going to publish examples written on Objective-C and Objective-CPP that might be used in Qt Project. Working on adopting Swift for Qt through Objective-CPP.

    I am still seeking anyone who will help me write something like published for Google Play Store. Is anyone here? Or everyone is awaiting when someone will do it? If anyone here contact me please.

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