How do I learn Qt Quick (QML) ?

  • I want to learn Qt Quick and want to develop apps with QML... How do I learn it ? Is it necessary to learn javaScript ? I have some basic knowledge with C+ +...

    Can anyone explain me about Qt Quick ?

    Any book suggestion ?

    Please... Help... I love Qt Quick very much...

  • I think this link can help you: "QML/Qt Quick Learning materials":

  • You learn by doing. For the basics, you do not need to know much javascript at all. AFAIK, there are no books available yet. Look at the examples, try your hand, and dig in the docs & use google for any real world problems you encounter. I also have a set of handouts from last years Developer Days that provide a nice introduction and that I sometimes use as a reference. Perhaps you will be able to find it, or look at the recorded sessions?

  • Can you tell me some good book's name for learn javaScript ?

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