How to control flick or snap to n number of items in listview

  • Say currently we have 12 items in listview and we show 4 items per page. so Basically 3 pages. Now if I flick from first page it should snap to next page only. So when user flicks it will stop at second page.
    currently view 1,2,3,4 items on page and if I flick it should show 5,6,7,8 item. Again if I flick on second page it should show only 9,10,11,12th item. SnapMode seems good for single item. If I flick using snapMode: ListView.SnapOneItem it will show 2,3,4,5 . I want something snaptoNitems sometime like that. So acheive my goal like flick only page wise. Tried to play around with maximumVelocity but its not helpful.

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