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Debugging QML with Q_PROPERTIES usage

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a QML code which extensively uses Q_PROPERTIES and Q_INVOKABLES.
    The problem I face with this architecture is that often times, I wish to know how a slot is being called in QML. Due to multiple bindings on the variable, it's extremely difficult to find out which variable is changing.

    The stack doesn't transcend the boundary of the engine, causing the Qt stack to never show the QML variable making the change and same of the QML stack.

    I think this should be a fairly common problem and was wondering if someone came up with some solution for this. Kindly share if you have.

    I'm currently using Qt 5.6.2; creator version 4.3.
    I cannot make too large of changes to the code for this.

    Thanks in advance

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