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change target pyqt version without recompile

  • Anyone know if it is possible to change the target Qt version for an existing pyqt setup, without reinstalling pyqt for that specific Qt version?

    I am always very paranoid about contaminating a development environment so I built 5.12.1 using a non-standard path and then I set up my development LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH to point to that environment. I want to use pyqt with it, but the system default pyqt still points to 5.11.x and when I override the LD_LIBRARY_PATH it tells me that pyqt has private 5.11 symbols in the link libraries. It really seems shortsighted that you'd have to rebuild it for minor version changes...and I don't want the rebuild of pyqt to contaminate the version that was in the linux distro.

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