windeployqt.exe file is empty

  • After a recent Qt 5.12.3 installation:

    Under ..5.12.3/mingw73_32/bin, windeployqt.exe exists, but size is 0 bytes (empty)

    Under ..5.12.3/mingw73_64/bin, windeployqt.exe is 1560 kb and works fine for deploying when using appropriate kit.

    Is this just an installation bug?

  • @Togar1560

    It is not a general bug. I got windeployqt.exe in both directories for Qt5.12.3, but I never use them.

    Possibly an interference by AV app?
    One option is to remove this version and reinstall it.
    Are you using the online installer?
    That is what I had used for adding both versions.

  • I reinstalled and the proper file was there. I've concluded that somehow I modified the file after installation, but i don't know how it happened.

  • @Togar1560

    Sometimes the antivirus app is removing files. That happened to me in the past.

    Good to know that you solved your issue.

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