General Purpose Data Serializer

  • Hi,

    Our company is developing several C++ / Qt applications that need to generate XML files that can be processed by other (3rd-party) XML processors/applications. Unfortunately, most existing serializers that produce XML output did not fit our requirements.
    I'm proud to present our solution: GPDS - A General Purpose Data Serializer.

    It's still in a very rough state but definitely usable. Everything can be found here:

    The library comes with a *.pri file for easy integration into Qt projects. Furthermore, we'll add (de)serialization support for Qt types such as QString very soon.

    Any kind of feedback is welcomed.

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    Looks good! Any plans to support JSON output, too?

  • Yep, a JSON backend (within GPDS I call them "Archiver") is planned. However, adding support for Qt's standard types is higher up in the list of priorities right now. I assume JSON support will be there within a few days/weeks.

    After the JSON archiver there are plans to add support for binary formats such as BSON as well.

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    Nice, thanks :-)

  • Oh man, we have a serializer that produces <key> for every tag. I was wondering why on earth anyone would design a format that way. Now I understand why, it was produced by some kind of serializer. Thank you for providing some sanity to this mess we call xml. I like xml in concept, but some of the tools out there make me wonder about my sanity at times.

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    This post is deleted!

  • We've added support for the first Qt types: QString and qreal.
    You can now do this:

    class Color : public Gpds::Serialize
        QString name;
        int red;
        int green;
        int blue;
        virtual Gpds::Container toContainer() const override
            Gpds::Container c;
            c.setComment("a color object");
            c.addAttribute("format", "rgb");
            c.addAttribute("name", name);
            c.addValue("red", red).addAttribute("depth", "32");
            c.addValue("green", green).addAttribute("depth", "32");
            c.addValue("blue", blue).addAttribute("depth", "32");
            return c;
        virtual void fromContainer(const Gpds::Container& c) override
            // Retrieve format
            const QString& formatString = c.getAttribute("format").value_or("n/a");
            assert( formatString == "rgb" );
            name = c.getAttribute("name").value_or("n/a");
            red = c.getValue<int>("red");
            green = c.getValue<int>("green");
            blue = c.getValue<int>("blue");

    Which will result in the following XML:

    <color format="rgb" name="Black">
    	<blue depth="32">0</blue>
    	<green depth="32">0</green>
    	<red depth="32">0</red>

    There's also a Qt specific demo/example in the repo.

    Isn't the world wonderful?
    There's still a lot of stuff left to do tho.