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SqlCipherPlugin and OpenSSL library. Which is using at time of building plugin?

  • Hello!

    I am using this plugin

    The situation: I have installed OpenSSl library 0.9.8 version on MacOS, I have compiled OpenSSL library compiled manually 1.1.0 version. How to ensure that at time of compilation and installing this plugin used version that I need? I need manually compiled version. But there are warning that if I will exchange system library it will crash whole system.

    I might be wrong in understanding of principles of OpenSSL working schema.

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    What do you mean by installing the plugin ? By default, it should go to the Qt version tree for which you built the plugin.

    As for OpenSSL, unless you try to delete the original OpenSSL version provided on your macOS, there's nothing to worry about. Your custom OpenSSL should be installed in a different folder anyway.

  • By default OpenSSL building over system libraries if you not mentioned especially the path for new release. By default MacOS High Sierra contain 0.9.8 version but not new 1.1.1b.

  • @SGaist The question was about which is used when plugin compiling not about directory where it located?

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    This old version is still shipped for backward compatibility. Neither macOS nor iOS uses OpenSSL anymore, they use Apple's SecureTransport frame work.

    When building something that is using OpenSSL, you have to use the -L with the path to the version you want to use.

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