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Adding scroll bar to dock widget area?

  • Hi!
    I have a main GUI with some docking widgets. There's a point where the widgets are big enough to not fit in the screen. I modified each one of the docking widgets to incorporate a scroll area. However, this leads to useless widgets because I need to see the whole widget to be able to interact with it (not because of Qt, but the widgets contained in QDockWidgets in my application need to be shown entirely for the user to be able to get all the information and interact with it properly). Is there a way to put a scoll bar to the docking area so I can scroll the entire list of docking widgets instead of the scroll area inside each QDockWidget?

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    Can you show what your GUI looks like and how it should look like ?

    AFAIR, there's no such concept as scroll bar for the various dock areas. But maybe allowing your docks to be stacked would be enough ?

  • Do you mean allow QMainWindow::AllowTabbedDocks when you say: "But maybe allowing your docks to be stacked would be enough ?". Otherwise, what do you mean by stacking the dock widgets?

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    Yes, that's what I was thinking about. Sorry for the wrong wording.

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