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QODBC driver not loaded [Excel]

  • Hi
    I tried to launch example from here with ODBC
    In the code below i have a problem with

    QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QODBC", "xlsx_connection");;

    Full code is here

    #include <QCoreApplication>
    #include <QtSql/QSql>
    #include <QtSql/QSqlDriver>
    #include <QtSql/QSqlQuery>
    #include <QtSql/QSqlQuery>
    #include <QtSql/QSqlRecord>
    #include <QtSql/QSqlError>
    #include <QDebug>
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        QCoreApplication a(argc, argv);
        QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QODBC", "xlsx_connection");
        db.setDatabaseName("DRIVER={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xlsb)};DBQ=" + QString("c:\\Users\\Anton\\Documents\\Qt\\build-qt_excel-Desktop_Qt_5_12_3_MinGW_64_bit-Debug\\test.xlsx"));
            QSqlQuery query("select * from [" + QString("Sheet1") + "$A1:B5]"); // Select range, place A1:B5 after $
            if (!query.exec())
                QStringList driversList = QSqlDatabase::drivers();
                qDebug() << "drivers list= " << driversList;
            while (
            QString column1= query.value(0).toString();
            qDebug() << column1;
        return a.exec();

    Full cosnsole output looks like:
    QSqlQuery::exec: database not open
    QSqlError("", "Driver not loaded", "Driver not loaded")
    drivers list= ("QSQLITE", "QMYSQL", "QMYSQL3", "QODBC", "QODBC3", "QPSQL", "QPSQL7")
    QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'xlsx_connection' is still in use, all queries will cease to work.

    it seems that my computer doesn't recognize connectionName string. Because if i use

    QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QODBC");

    qt founds my excel file and opens it, but queries doesnt work of course.
    There're qt 5.12.3 with MinGW 7.3.0 x64 and Office 2016 x64 with Access on my win10.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Since you don't use the default connection name you have to pass the db connection to your QSqlQuery

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher it works, thanx, maybe should correct the example
    But i catch new error like this
    QODBCResult::exec: Unable to execute statement: "[Microsoft][─шёяхЄўхЁ фЁрщтхЁют ODBC] ╬°шсър яюёыхфютрЄхы№эюёЄш ЇєэъЎшщ"
    QSqlError("0", "QODBC3: Unable to execute statement", "[Microsoft][─шёяхЄўхЁ фЁрщтхЁют ODBC] ╬°шсър яюёыхфютрЄхы№эюёЄш ЇєэъЎшщ")
    query.lastError().type() said me it was problem with syntax.
    I used this string from example QString test="Select * from [Sheet1$A1:I9]"; as query
    Then i tried this "CREATE TABLE testdb (aaa CHAR(128), bbb CHAR(128))" i'm sure syntax fully corrected but i catch error type 2 again

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Don't see what Qt can do against this and me neither, sorry.

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher this query works in access but doesnt work through driver in excel. What sysntax should i use to make it works?

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