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Examples missing on Windows

  • Hi,

    I've installed Qt on my PC through the web installer. I've gone through the standard installation and when I opened Qt Creator, I realized that the examples were not installed, as this section was completely empty. I looked inside the installation folder and confirmed that there are no examples there.

    I've opened MaintenanceTool to make sure I haven't missed anything, but there are no explicit options for installing the examples -- I also tried reinstalling from the offline installer, but there were no different options there. Where should I go to properly install them?

    I am using Windows 10.


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    @edamiani On my Windows 10 machine examples are located in c:\Qt\Examples\Qt-5.12.0 - does such a directory exist on your machine (with the Qt version you installed of course)?
    Which Qt version did you install?

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    hi @edamiani and welcome
    the examples usually come with the preinstalled libs.
    Did you select any Qt version during the installation process, or did you only install QtCreator?

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