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'emscripten.h' file not found

  • Still trying to get my head around configuring qt for wasm... Indulge me in some stupid questions?

    I want to use a thing or two from emscripten.h, and the few examples I can find achieve this simply with #include <emscripten.h>. In my case, trying to make like this informs me that no such emscripten.h can be found. I've set up my environment properly using emscripten's included emsdk_env.bat (on Windows), and haven't seen any reference in tutorials to having to manually copy the contents of emsdk-master\emscripten\1.38.30\system\include around, so it feels like I'm missing something. How should I best arrange these files to make sure my qt configuration for wasm can find and use them?

  • Is it your IDE that shows the not found error or do you get it when trying to build? I use Win 10 and WSL Ubuntu for Qt WebAssembly and when I build an application that uses emscripten.h it builds succesfully.

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