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TapHandler isn't working for me :'(

  • Hello Qt Freinds,

    I'm trying QtQuick for the first time I'm following the tutorial located @ here

    I'm running into the following error in Qt Creator:
    qrc:/main.qml:13 TapHandler is not a type

    Here is the code

    import QtQuick 2.12
    Rectangle {
        width: 200
        height: 100
        color: "red"
        Text {
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            text: "Hello, World!"
        TapHandler {
            onTapped: parent.color = "blue"

    If I use the import statement as is, I get the following error:

    QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
    qrc:/main.qml:1 module "QtQuick" version 2.12 is not installed

    I can use version 2.9 or 2.10 and all is good other that the TapHandler related error.

    I'm using QtCreator 4.9.0.

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