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thread not start() sometimes

  • i have application to receive value of different protocol serial ethernet .....
    i have List of protocol, i have members qThread.

    in this thread i have local object serial, ethernet, object communication is in thread.

    ex class: serialThread

    serialThread::serialThread(Protocole *Parent): ThreadProt( this, Parent )
    qDebug() << "new serial thread:" << this;
    setParent(Parent); //parent = protocole

    run is implemented here

    void serialThread::run()
    qDebug() << "thread serial:" << QThread::currentThreadId();
    serial l_serial(this,m_prot);
      class ThreadProt : public QThread

    i have created threadProt to group code for different protocol.

    • kill thread kill parent with deleteLater (serialThread)

    • signals to thread

    • access object local in run() thread

        ThreadProt::ThreadProt(QObject*pParent,Protocole* pProt)
       qDebug() << "new threadProt:" << this;
       setParent(pParent); //serialthread        Modbus thread
       m_prot = pProt;
       m_o_thread = NULL;
      connect(this, SIGNAL(finished())   ,pParent  , SLOT(deleteLater())   );
        //qthread fini on détruit le parent


    sometimes thread not start(), not execute run() in serial thread.

    why is not the solution to inherit of qthread???

    i have restart my code with this structure.
    i prefer not use move to thread and have my object in local of thread.

    i think is better but this design not work fine if you have Intermediaire class

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    Where and how do you instantiate ThreadProt?

  • Serialthread constructor call threadprot in constructor and call start().

    Why this design is bad ?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    And where is serialThread instantiated?
    Setting itself as parent is not such a good idea btw:

    serialThread::serialThread(Protocole Parent): ThreadProt( this, Parent )
    pParent,Protocole* pProt) {

  • ok, i don't know if threadProt must be use setParent.

    thread is started startProt() with call in Q_INVOKABLE dashBoardStart() function in QML.

    void App::dashBoardStart()
      quint32 l_prot;
    qDebug() << "start dashboard" << LstProt.length();
    if (LstProt.count() ==0)
    for (l_prot=0;l_prot < LstProt.count();l_prot++)
        Protocole* l_pt =  LstProt[l_prot].value<Protocole*>();
        if (m_lst_prot_ready)
    bool Protocole::startProt()
    quint8 l_i;
    quint32 BaudRateCustom=0;
    bool l_ret = false;
    /* reset erreur protocol */
    CrcError = 0;
    counter   = 0;
    periodeMs = 0;
     qDebug() << "startProt:" << this << iLiaison << iProt <<"special:"<< isProtSpecial() << m_liaison.ConfigRs;
    if (isProtSpecial())
        if (isModbus())
             if (this->m_obj_device.Modbus ==NULL)
                 this->m_obj_device.Modbus = new ModbusThread(this);
    switch (iLiaison)
        case LIAISON_RS:
        //allocation du thread serial
        if (m_liaison.ConfigRs == NULL)
            m_liaison.ConfigRs = new serialThread(this);
    case LIAISON_ADC:
        if (m_liaison.adc != NULL)
    case LIAISON_ETH:
    case LIAISON_CAN:
        if (m_liaison.ConfigCAN == NULL)
            m_liaison.ConfigCAN = new CanThread(this);
    //if (l_ret)
    //    isActive = true;
    return (l_ret);

    any idea because thread is not started if is called in inherit class?

  • thread isRunning = true isStarted is call but not call run() in this case.

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    if (m_liaison.ConfigRs == NULL)
       m_liaison.ConfigRs = new serialThread(this);

    Is m_liaison.ConfigRs a QPointer? Otherwise I don't see how you would reuse (and restart) the thread a second time. Especially since you're calling deleteLater so m_liaison.ConfigRs will become a dangling pointer afterwards.

  • the problem is at start up, not a pointeur problem because constructor is started.

    strange: in my windows pc at work, no problems.

    on my mac, problem, i will compare version of qt.
    my mac have qt 5.9
    my pc have qt 5.11

    i will update my qt in my MAC.

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    Try to call start() outside the ctor

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