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lost all of my editor helpers...

  • ...not sure what I did, but for one of my projects, Creator is no longer:

    • showing any code errors/warnings in the editor
    • highlighting symbols in the editor
    • giving me a list of symbols

    I'm sure I must have inadvertently changed a setting, but I can't see what. Any ideas?

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    One thing you can try is to move your file in a different folder and re-configure the project from scratch. If it's working then you can diff the two files to see what changed.

  • Thanks, SGaist. I think the line in my original .user file that was messing me up was this:

       <valuelist type="QVariantList" key="ClangStaticAnalyzer.SuppressedDiagnostics"/>

    I'm not sure what I did to set that.This particular project is a challenge to use Creator, as I can't build for the target platform. If I could figure out how to create a fake qmake, that would help a lot.

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    What is a fake qmake ?


    And if you get into it, you'll see that they really mean a fake qmake.exe. But it can't be just any dummy .exe; it has to have something inside (I don't know what) to make Creator think it has a qmake, and will therefore allow you to build with your own toolchain.

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    ah, the part where they say
    "However, if the device does not have Qt libraries, you need a fake Qt installation."
    Hmm. frankly, i have no idea.
    Try to make new topic and ask about it.
    Somebody is bound to know what that means in details.

  • I've already done that. I've also posted multiple emails on the Creator mailing list, and got no response. At present, I just live with it. Cross building would be nice, but cross debugging is truly the Holy Grail, and that appears a ways off for FreeRTOS.

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    oh. so its a secret what a fake Qt /QMake is. o.O
    About debugging.
    its not an option to use a jtag debugger in the project ?

  • Yes, that's an option, but I believe that I still need the FreeRTOS equivalent of gdbserver.

    I've never used a JTAG device directly from Creator.

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    yes, you do ( at least i think).
    we found one from OpenOCD that worked with our ARM board
    and can stop at break points from Creator.
    (we start the server manually though )
    But you mileage will vary depending on board and jtag etc.

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    @mrjj Very interesting.

    I'd like to work that way too in future. With our current microcontroller there's no way.

    But if compiling and debugging for the embedded target works from Creator - that's like Easter and Christmas in one :)

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    ehh eheh. funny thought
    alt text

    Well as extra cake we also found a network jtag that allows us to do it debug remotely.
    something that comes in extremely handy sometimes.

    And Creator worked so well we could ditch Crowley Editor for 6 devs which is
    a hefty sum to save. And Creator is a better editor on top. So yes - it's really a
    fat man with bunny ears all in one :)

  • @aha_1980 a couple years ago, with considerable help from SGaist, I was able to configure and build Qt for the BeagleBone Black, and do cross builds and cross debugging. But that was a bit less formidable, as the BBB runs Linux, so the gdbserver was already supplied.

    I realize that Creator is a very small part of Qt-dom in the eyes of the Qt community, but it's still the best damn editor and debugger interface I've ever used. It has plenty of value as a stand-alone product.

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