Native Android UI Elements in QML?

  • Hi all,

    I'm working on porting a widgets application to QML for Android support, and I was unable to find any good resources on how to make the UI elements appear the same as they do on other Android apps that were built from scratch with Java. Example:
    alt text

    When I run my QML app on an android emulator, they look like this:

    alt text

    Additionally, the size of my UI elements seems to be way larger than I intend no matter what I do. Does the window size in the QML editor have to match the screen size of the emulator? Or is there a way to make QML scale for the device it's being run on?
    As you can see from this example, the buttons are much smaller in the QML editor.

    alt text

    Any idea how I can at least make the buttons appear as they do in the editor?


  • @Backflip9 I've never used the graphical Designer, but if you set the Quick Controls style to Material, you'll get widgets that look like native Android ones.

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