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Error No Matching Function for call to 'QByteArray::toHex(char)'

  • Hallo,
    I made qmake and want to compile QtSerialbus for my Raspberry Pi.

    when I type "make" it will throw me following message:

    /home/pi/d0Ext/d0Daemon/qtserialbus/src/serialbus/qcanbusframe.cpp:427:52: error: no matching function for call to ‘QByteArray::toHex(char)’
             const QByteArray data = payload().toHex(' ').toUpper();

    there is no compiled version of QtSerialbus on the repositories :/

    Can someone help me?


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    What version of Qt are you using to build that module ? That overload of toHex is present since Qt 5.9.

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