Stop propagating key event

  • Hi all;
    Is there an ability to stop propagating key event to parent item?
    By calling event.accepted = true, the default action is no longer working;
    For example, i have textEdit element, and when clicking the arrow_up button, cursor moves to the previous line of the text if exists, and if not exists parent item receives event;
    Is it possible to leave default action on press and stop propagating event?

  • If i have understood correctly your question, on way is to intercept the event directly. For ex in your button, you put some onMouseClicked : {}, but then inside you have to put the code to make the cursor go upper if necessary.
    Normally in that case the parent wont have any event propagated.

  • You can do such things by subclassing the widget. For a QTextEdit e.g.:

    void MyTextEdit::keyPressEvent ( QKeyEvent * event )
    QTextEdit::keyPressEvent(event); // do default actions
    event->setAccepted(true); // prevent processing in the parent

  • As we are in a QML section, my response was a QML one, perhaps without any connection with the question, i agree, but may i suggest to change the section ?

  • Ups, sorry, I haven't looked at the sub forum :-(
    But perhaps qml has similar things?

    You have a perent element and add an event handler there which is empry or sets accepted to true.

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