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Qt Contribution day during Qt Dev Days in San Francisco

  • Hi, the emerging Qt Project would like to organize a Qt Contribution day on Nov 29 during "Qt Dev Days":http://qt.nokia.com/qtdevdays2011/ in San Francisco. The goal is to have an unconference setup open to Qt contributors in order to discuss tasks and contributions related to the Qt Project, modules maintenance, involvement in teams...

    This type of meetings started last June with the big and intense (according to all records) "Qt Contributors Summit":http://developer.qt.nokia.com/groups/qt_contributors_summit/wiki in Berlin. Qt DevDays in Munich will also have a Qt Contribution day and it is a good idea to keep this practice wherever the is a good concentration of Qt contributors.

    The Qt team is trying to figure out how many people would be interested in participating in this meeting in San Francisco, in order to book rooms and prepare for it. Some contributors in the Qt Project ranks will be in SF and will take part starting with Lars Knoll, project lead.

    Who else? Please let us know asap.

    Also note that we can get discounted/free pass (depending on the particular case) for Qt contributors attending Dev Days. The sooner you express your interest the easier will be for us. Thank you!

    PS: depending on the response I will work on something more formal than this forum thread e.g. a wiki page. :)

    [EDIT: fixed date, DevDays in SF are in November, not December, Volker]

  • I'm definitely interested in joining this.

  • Is there also some info somewhere on the contribution day in Munich? I was at the QtCS in Berlin, but I have not heard any solid information on this followup yet.

  • I'd like to go to this as well. Will it be in the same location as dev days?

  • Sorry for the silence!

    [quote author="ieatlint" date="1318396663"]I'd like to go to this as well. Will it be in the same location as dev days?[/quote]

    Yes. If you want to know more and be part of it, there is a wiki page now:


    I'm using the Qt Project Interest mailing list as a main channel to work on the organization of this event, but you can also ask & follow here.

  • I'm intending on attending. ;-)

  • will be look all info about "Qt Contributors Day" as it interesting alot :)

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