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QCompleter & QTreeview get crash on MacOS and Qt 5.12.2

  • Greetings to all,

    For a QLineEdit I tried to create an auto-completer from a list requested on an API server. I'm able to have the correct behavior but some time when the dialog window is opening the whole application crash. If I remove the whole code to create the QCompleter I do not have this crash.
    It seems I did something not correctly but as I'm new with Qt I cannot figure out what is wrong and why sometime the dialog works as expected and sometime the app just crash.

    Here is how I create and bind my QCompleter to QLineEdit, maybe you will see something wrong...

    void CreateAppointmentDialog::patientsFetched(QJsonArray patients)
        // Create an auto completer
        QCompleter *completer = new QCompleter(this);
        completer->setMaxVisibleItems(10); // No effect ?
        // Create a new model to list patients
        QStandardItemModel *patientsModel = new QStandardItemModel(patients.count(), 3, completer);
        int counter = 0;
        foreach (const QJsonValue &value, patients) {
            QJsonObject patientObj = value.toObject();
            QModelIndex patientNameIdx = patientsModel->index(counter, 0);
            QModelIndex patientBirthdateIdx = patientsModel->index(counter, 1);
            QModelIndex patientIdIdx = patientsModel->index(counter, 2);
            QString patientName = patientObj["lastname"].toString() + " " +  patientObj["firstname"].toString();
            QString patientBirthdate = patientObj["birthdate"].toString() != "" ? QDate::fromString(patientObj["birthdate"].toString(), Qt::ISODate).toString("dd.MM.yyyy") : "";
            QString patientId = patientObj["id"].toString();
            patientsModel->setData(patientNameIdx, patientName);
            patientsModel->setData(patientBirthdateIdx, patientBirthdate);
            patientsModel->setData(patientIdIdx, patientId);
        QTreeView *treeView = new QTreeView;
        treeView->header()->setSectionResizeMode(0, QHeaderView::Stretch);
        treeView->header()->setSectionResizeMode(1, QHeaderView::ResizeToContents);
        connect(treeView, &QTreeView::clicked, [=]{
            selectedPatientId = treeView->currentIndex().sibling(treeView->currentIndex().row(),2).data().toString();

    Any help will be really appreciate.


  • After investigating it seems that QCompleter is not my problem.
    Then I think I need to learn how to debug my app to understand from where this crash is coming.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    The first start is just to start the app in debug mode (f5) and get it to crash.
    That will show a list of called methods until it crashed.
    That often gives a good clue to what is happening.

    alt text

  • Thank's for your advise!
    I finally figured out what was wrong and the problem was coming from the customContextMenu where I specified a bad table to popup the menu from QModelIndex in the parent where I called the dialog CreateAppointmentDialog.

    Sorry I was sure that it was first coming from the combo of QCompleter & QTreeview.

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