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Strange behavior after migrate to QtQuick 5.12

  • Hi ^^,

    I created a QtQuick 5.9 project. Here the basic architecture of my project:

    -> main.cpp
    -> main.qml
    -> MyCustomStyle
    -> MyModule
    -> -> qmldir
    -> -> ComponentB.qml (use componentC & D)
    -> -> ComponentC.qml (not in the qmldir)
    -> -> ComponentD.qml (not in the qmldir)

    My project works perfectly.

    Yesterday, I tried to go to QtQuick 5.12. After downloading I noticed 2 strange things:

    1. My Qt5.12 folder must be in the driver C:/. If I put it on the driver E:/ the project can't load the MyCustomStyle style. Someone have any idea why ?

    2. ComponentC and D are not recognized (I got the error "ComponentC is not a type). I resolved this problem putting the ComponentC & D in my qmldir but why sould I do this ? In 5.9 if two component are in the same directory they don't need to be in the qmldir to be used and I didn't read anything about this in the Qt 5.10/11/12 feature.

    Thank you for your help ^^

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